Ästhetischer Monismus

Beispiel 1. Janice Fiamengo:

A teacher can spot them easily in a crowded classroom, even surrounded as they are by the indifferent and the inept: the teachable students. They are the ones who nod at the salient points in the lecture, their eyes brightening with fellow feeling. Not unlike the “remnant” of evangelical theology — the sincere believers who keep the true faith alive while others turn to false gods — the teachable students still believe in ideas, still seek after truth. Most teachers look for them as for a life preserver, their hearts lifting at the first glimpse.

Beispiel 2. Stefan George:

Unlängst erzähltest du vom früheren freund:
Sein helles aug ward matt · sein mund der blühte
Ward saftlos · enge ward die hohe Stirn…
Ich weiss nicht ob du leib ob seele maltest.‹

(Das Neue Reich, „Leib und Seele“. Bild: John Singer Sargent: Vernon Lee.)