Jack Wheeler: The Secret to the Suicidal Liberal Mind

Jack Wheeler: The Secret to the Suicidal Liberal Mind

Es mag kein Zufall sein, daß mir kürzlich ein schon vor dreizehn Jahren erschienener Artikel von Jack Wheeler in den Sinn gekommen ist. Er beschreibt die Angst vor dem Neid – und, als ‚Lösung‘, die Selbstschädigung, ja -vernichtung  des Beneideten. Natürlich behandelt der Text die USA; doch das läßt sich übertragen. Ganz nebenher leistet er eine schöne Einführung in das Werk von Helmut Schoeck.

The self-loathing of the white American liberal is as well-established and documented as Einstein’s Special Relativity theorems. A typical example is writer Susan Sontag’s denouncement of the white race as „the cancer of human history.“ A racist hatred of one’s own race – auto-racism – has become a defining characteristic of the liberal mind. Yet the source of such suicidal guilt remains a mystery. Clearly understanding what disables liberals from wanting to defend their culture is today a mortal necessity – an absolute requirement if America is to be preserved and protected from Moslem terrorists and other folk desirous of her demise.

[…] Anthropologists observe that for most primitive and traditional cultures, „every individual lives in constant fear of the magical aggression of others … there is only one explanation for unforeseen events: the envious black magic of another villager.“ Reflect for a moment on the extent to which tribespeople in a tribal, „primitive“ culture suffuse their lives with superstition, witchcraft, sorcery, voodoo, „black magic,“ the „evil eye.“ The world for them is teeming with demons, spirits, ghosts and gods, all of whom are malicious and dangerous — in a word, envious. A great many, if not the majority, of tribal or traditional cultures, whether in the Amazon, Africa or the Pacific, have no concept of natural death. Death is always murder.

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