Opferkult und -nutzen

Wertvoll auch dann, wenn man – wie Theodore Dalymple – Einwände gegen Ayn Rands Philosophie führen würde. Zur gerne übersehenen und deshalb besonders wichtigen Rolle freiwilliger Zuwendung von Gönnern, wo der Aufstieg von „ganz unten“ nach „ganz oben“ in Rede steht, vgl. Luigi Zingales, Who killed Horatio Alger?.

Kurt Schlichter: Ich armes Opfer Eures Hasses, Ihr Hasser

Kurt Schlichter: Ich armes Opfer Eures Hasses, Ihr Hasser

As a person of absolutely no color who embodies an intersectional reality that includes my utter lack of genderfluidity and my unemployment-questioning, differently-veteraned, and non-pagan experiences, I am totally oppressed by progressivism’s hegemonic power structure. I am also the victim of a systemic system of hostile paradigms that denies my truth regarding my phallo-possessory identity.

I bear a heavy burden in the form of my pasty, easily-sunburned skin. For too long, the fact that a previous Schlichter was booted out of Stuttgart in 1750 has meant that I have been subject to the hateful discourse of unabashed Fritzophobes. And that’s when society hasn’t stolen my Teutonic legacy outright. You are culturally appropriating my cold, emotionless people’s heritage every time you are punctual and efficient.

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(Bild: John Singer Sargent, Lord Ribblesdale.)